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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Dallas and an Associate’s degree in Court Reporting from the Court Reporting Institute of Dallas. I first started captioning for students at Collin College one-on-one. I also freelanced and took depositions and subbed in court for a year and a half before making the switch full time to captioning. My journey took me to Vitac where I learned broadcast captioning and captioned networks such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNN International, ESPN, and QVC, just to name a few.

After four and a half years with Vitac, I decided to make the switch to independent contractor again to have more flexibility in my schedule. I currently contract with about ten different companies providing captioning for college classes, city councils, state legislatures, webinars, meetings, local news stations, conferences, and conventions. I do this remotely from my home in McKinney or on location.

I find it very rewarding to provide equal access to the deaf and hard of hearing. If it weren’t for captioning, these individuals would be very isolated. I love contributing to a student’s quest for a degree or professional development.

I”m married with two children, a daughter and son. I provide captioning for my church onsite every Sunday, and I love to read mysteries, listen to podcasts on personal growth, learn new words, and play video games.